Transmit in direct de la evenimentul “Maximizing Social Media cu Neal Schaffer”, si va previn ca voi folosi foarte des “SM” in textul de mai jos. Deci Social Media. “The most amazing Social Media event of 2015”.

Pe langa experienta si credentialele speaker-ului, care se afla pentru prima data la noi in tara, unicitatea acestui eveniment o reprezinta seria de workshop-uri ce livreaza continut specific, pe care Neal Schaffer il preda studentilor in cadrul programului Mini Social Media MBA, la Rutgers University Business School. Misiunea seriei de workshopuri este de a invata audienta prin exemple de cele mai bune practici si experienta la nivel global. Se va discuta si pune accentul pe subiecte din zona social media marketing, precum: social content, social SEO, paid social, strategia de social media, analizarea rezultatelor si a determinarii ROI-ului dar si pe subiecte precum social selling, respectiv vanzare prin social media, un subiect de mare interes pentru profesionistii de top care lucreaza in vanzari. De asemenea, in cadrul conferintei, se vor detalia si tendintele anului 2015 in social media. 


Imi cer scuze in avans pentru romgleză, dar imi e mai usor sa nu traduc totul.


SM replaces nothing, but complements everything.

SM – new tools, old rules.

In USA 94% of American companies are using SM for marketing.

CMOs spend on SM: right now between 9-13 %. We expect 21% by 2020.

57% pf purchasing decisions made via research before contacting supplier.

Average minutes per day spent with online activities in the US in 2013: 37 Social networks, 29 email,  23 online video, 23 search,  8 blogs. (Sursa:

5 of the 12 most visited websites in the US: FB, YouTube. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.


Communicating and sharing information creates opportunity.

Aren’t social users worth more? (Customer Lifetime Value)


From social media to social business

SM marketing – social customer service –social business

Every department has to have a say in what happens.

The more companies participate in SM, the more the engagement will require the entire organization to engage and collaborate. This collaboration will lead to a more open brands – and ultimately basing business decisions from insights gleaned from social media.

SM provides insights and social intelligence for their business .

DEMING circle: plan, do, check, act!


Where to start?

  • Objective – create a metric for it
  • Community – who is your target audience? *detailed demographics*  What makes them tick?
  • Share – content
  • Who is going to do the work?  (employee or outsource
  • Brand – branding guidelines -> what tone will you use? What about the visual voice?
  • Potential SM objectives

potential social media objectives


Survey your customers -> in order to better understand your target demographics.


The role of content in SM strategy.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Redbull sells a lifestyle drink, based on all the content they produce for SM.

Keeping your content relevant: resourceful, engaging, likeable, shareable.

„They key to shareable content is evoking emotions… if people feel a strong emotion they will feel compelled to tell the people they know about the experience.”

How repurposable is your content?

Creating many from one. (ex: un podcast poate fi transformat in 4 postari pe blog, postarile respective pot fi shareuite prin multe tweet-uri etc.)


The advent of visual social

90% of all info transmitted to the brain is visual, and this info is processed 60.000 faster than text.

Optimizing visual voice for each channel (photo)


The advent of Paid Social

Convergent media: Paid – Owned – Shared

Compara fb ads cu fastpass de la Disneyland.

92% of advertisers advertise on FB now. (mainstream already)


If you promote posts that have little engagement, facebook will work against you.

Example of a strategy that seems to work: Not boosting everything, but boosting the posts that have good engagement within the first hours.


Q – which is the correct CTA: like our page or buy our product?

R: It depends on the type of relation with the fans and their expectations for companies to know what type of call button to use.


Employee advocacy & social selling

Study: 78% of salespeople using SM outsell their peers

Your organization has thousands of websites, not just one. Employees are the long tail of your brand identity.

People trust people more than they trust companies.


The most important part of a strategy is deciding what not to do. Choose your channels wisely.


Catalin Tenita: 120 de zile in SM  (analiza ian – aprilie 2015)


Numarul de comentarii pe bloguri este de cele mai multe ori de 2 ori mai mic decat numarul de articole publicate.

  • 873.336 de articole in 2015
  • 12.325 bloguri active/luna -> numarul asta a scazut cam cu 30% fata de anii anteriori.
  • 5.238 bloggeri cu minimum 50 de posturi in 2013.
  • 2.947 bloggeri cu minimum 50 de posturi in 2015, deja. Deci pana la finalul anului aproximam peste 7000 de bloggeri cu minimum 50 de posturi.
  • 2305 posturi cu minimum 50 de comentarii in 2013.
  • 806 posturi cu minimum 50 de comentarii in 2015, pana acum.
  • Aproape 40% posturi scrise de femei.
  • 40% din toata blogosfera e din Bucuresti.



  • 43.881 pagini de facebook monitorizate.
  • 21.620 pagine active in 2015.
  • 300.297.084 like-uri date in 2015
  • 9.319.357 comentarii date in 2015
  • 37.654.000 share-uri in 2015
  • 1.479.562 cel mai mare numar de like-uri pe un singur post: Teo Trandafir

Evolutie +3% numar comentarii ian – apr

7.46% rata medie de engagement

Companiile sunt undeva la 2% rata de engagement, in medie. (procentul mare se datoreaza publisher-ilor)



  • 355.144 utilizatori inregistrati
  • Din care doar 44.353 utilizatori active in 2015.
  • 5.306 power users – minimum 200 de postari in 2015
  • 1.642.000 tweet-uri publicate in aprilie 2015



A avut cea mai buna crestere anul trecut

  • 115.743 utilizatori activi in 2015 (mai mult de jumatate din numarul total de utilizatori inregistrati)
  • 22.965 power users (minim 50 de fotografii in 2015)
  • 121.025 clipuri publicate
  • 5.845.390 comentarii publicate in 2015
  • 1.637.018 fotografii/clipuri cu minimum 25 de comentarii
  • Evolutia numarului de fotografii publicate a scazut cu 10% fata de ianuarie 2015


Presa online:

  • 3000 de publicatii monitorizate – 60% fata de tot restul celorlalte media
  • 597.305 comentarii prin Facebook comments in 2014
  • 302.538 comentarii prin Facebook comments in 2015, de la inceputul anului pana acum
  • 2.207.568 comentarii directe in 2014
  • 1.098.000 comentarii directe in 2015
  • 6 milioane de articole in 2014



  • Doar 2000 de locatii au minim 10 tipuri
  • 27 locatii cu minimum 100 tipuri
  • 21.794 locatii in Bucuresti
  • In Constanta & Cluj adoptia 4sq e mai mare



  • 394 grupuri active in 2014
  • 301 in 2015
  • 55.000 mesaje in grupurile respective in 2014



  • 419.852 utilizatori activi in 2014
  • 1.630.027 clipuri urcate in 2014 -> in 2015 va fi o crestere
  • 1 miliard de vizualizar clipuri urcate
  • 44.000 clipuri urcate in 2015 au peste 1000 vizualizari
  • 1200 clipuri cu peste 100.000 vizualizari
  • 5 clipuri cu peste 5.000.000 vizualizari
  • 4 milioane comentarii postate in 2015
  • Aproape 4000 clipuri cu peste 100 comentarii



  • 5,225,786 comentarii + thread-uri in 2014
  • 2.351.280 comentarii + thread-uri in 2015, deja
  • 585.000 postari pe softpedia
  • Tpu e al doilea
  • Computergames e al treilea forum
  • Desprecopii e al patrulea
  • – generatia post millennials
  • 86.704 utilizatori activi in aprilie 2015
  • 17.576.195 posturi in 2015



  • 27.095 minimum un post in 2015
  • 1.298.264 posturi in 2015 (inclusiv comentarii)


Every SM strategy should be based on this paradigm: acquisition, engagement, virality, reach

Cine suntem noi? Suntem exact ce cred ceilalti ca suntem.