Azi am primit cel mai frumos cadou de 1 iunie: acces la trainingul certificat în Marketing 3.0 cu profesorul Philip Kotler!

Am fost plăcut suprinsă când mi-am văzut profesorii din ASE în holul Ateneului. (Kotler a zis că e probabil cel mai frumos loc în care a ţinut vreodată o prezentare!) Mai mult decât atât, profa Carmen Bălan (cu care am studiat Logistică în facultate şi Managementul canalelor de marketing semestrul trecut la master) a fost cea care l-a introdus pe Kotler. Wow.

Per total mi-a plăcut foarte mult felul în care îşi construieşte părintele marketingului discursul, e cu siguranţă un bun orator. În plus, prezentarea sa a fost foarte bine pregătită şi structurată. Iar când mă gândesc că omul acesta are 81 de ani şi după ce a scris nici mai mult, nici mai puţin de 48 de cărţi, urcă în continuare pe scenă şi îi inspiră pe oameni cu conceptele sale de inovaţie, mă fac mică şi mă aşez mai bine în banca mea…

Prezentarea a fost una destul de teoretică şi axată pe strategie, un abecedar pentru marketeri şi CEOs, dar presărată cu multe exemple despre companii (americane, cum ne-am obişinuit deja să întâlnim în cărţile de marketing). Cred că pentru publicul din sală mesajul a fost perfect livrat, ţinând locul unei mobilizări generale pentru oamenii de marketing care iau decizii: să gândească pe termen lung şi să pună accentul pe valori. Eu personal am simţit totul ca o încununare a celor 5 ani în care am studiat marketing.

Şi-acum, redau aici o parte dintre conceptele amintite azi + o listă de lecturi recomandate.

Social mrk – the use of mrk to market a cause

Usually a company has a lot of sales persons and a few marketers whose jobs are to make sales easier for the selling people.
ROMI: Return on marketing investment -> The effectiveness of an ad campaign
Chief financial officer – main enemy of a marketer
Build a love affair with your product
Mentioned “Love marks”, the book of Kevin Roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi CEO)
How do you build a love mark? Companies should create love marks. The people who love you will help you market your product or service.
We should concentrate on the quality of our offering
4 types of CEOs: technical CEO, 4P CEO, STP (strategic) CEO, ME (Marketing is everything) CEO
(If the CEO came from engeneering/not mrk -> a one P company according to the CEO)

Structura evenimentului de azi:
Session 1. Using MRK to drive your company’s growth
Session 2. Moving toward MRK 3.0
Session 3. Building a strong brand
Session 4. Innovating your path to success

Go to Brazil, China – where growth is
Who has the money? Move to where the money is (ca sa ai cresteri pe timp de criza)
You can change your business model ->
The Problem & Opportunity Agenda:

  • Globalization and Chindia
  • Regionalization
  • Internet and social media
  • Shorter product life cycles
  • Commoditization
  • Retail Transformation
  • Environmental concerns
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Recession and turbulence
  • Hypercompetition
  • Media proliferation

His wife never goes to a store, and yet she has new clothes.
Discutia se muta in jurul subiectului e-retailing: „Is it possible that stores will disappear?” He said no 🙂

Companies are going to be recommended by each of us
Some basics: Put your company’s name on google alert. Put on google alerts your 3 most important competitors – see who is vulnerable.

Imagine scenarios, imagine what could destroy your business, and think who should be the first to disrupt your business -> IT’S YOU! (Why let anyone else?)
Your company should be investing in these 3 things:

  • Manage the present
  • Selectively Forget the past
  • Create the future

A smart company will: manage the business well, drop unprofitable assets, continue to make operational improvements.
MRK started because Sales departments needed others to:

  • Conduct consumer research
  • Find leads (Hot Leads, Opportunities, Proposals/Quotes, New Customers)
  • Prepare brochures & prommotions

Benzinariile fac mai multi bani din mancarea vanduta decat din combustibil.
What does the CMO do? -> 6 tasks
1.Represent the voice of the customer (VOC) to others in the company and champion development of a strong customer-orientation to build loyal customers.
2.Monitor the evolving business landscape and gather customer insights to help develop new products and services for achieving growth objectives.
3. Be the steward of the corporate brand and brand-building practice
4. Upgrade mrk tehchnology and skills in the company
5. Bring insight into the corporate portfolio and synergies
6. Measure and account the marketing financial performance and contain media and other service costs

Managers spend more time with product problems, and not with opportunities.
You have to get along with sales… But here’s the problem: Sales doesn’t like you.
Who should you have the office next to? As a CMO, you should sit near the CFO.

Cele patru obiective ale marketingului holistic:

1. Internal Marketing (mrk department, senior management, other departments)
2. Integrated Marketing (communications, products&services, channels)
3. Socially responsible Marketing (ethics, environment, legal, community)
4. Relationship Marketing (customers, channel, …)


Mr. Customer, would you feel comfortable recommending us to others?

If the persons says “I’ve been doing it for the whole time” – give them a 10.
Ocassionaly – 9
I haven’t been doing that, but I think I can do it – 8

I hate your company – 1
Measure the Net Promotion Score. 

MRM – marketing resource management – digitalize everything you’ve done so that a new persons that takes that job will know everything he/she should know about it


Let’s move to marketing 3.0
1950-1960: Product Management
1970-1980: Customer Relationship
’90 – a living brand (Brand Management)
2010 – 2020: an era of value management

Value-Base Matrix (VBM) Model

“Firms of Endearment” (Raj Sisodia, David B. Wolfe, Jag Sheth) – recomandare de carte
Characteristics of Firms of Endearment

  • – They align the interests of all stakeholder groups
  • – Their executive salaries are relatively modest (they work to make the company profitable, not to take all their money)
  • – They operate an open door policy to reach top management
  • – Their employee compensation and benefits are high for the category; their employee training is longer, and thei employess turnover is lower
  • – They hire people who are passionate about customers
  • – They view suppliers as true partners who collaborate in improving productivity and quality and lowering costs
  • – They believe that their corporate culture is their greatest asset and primary source of competitive advantage.
  • – Their marketing costs are much lower than their peers while customer satisfaction and retention is much higher.

What are some major social causes that companies adopt? (+ examples: Avon, GM, Kraft, Motorola, Pepsi Cola, Shell, British Airways etc.)
What is the Relationship between Business and Society?
Old philosophy: What is good for business is good for society. The simple act of profit maximization is good enough.
New philosophy: What is good for society is good for business. (GE)

CSR to be part of your company’s DNA
CSR is not enough, we should create shared value
Nu se mai urmareste crearea de GDP, ci crearea de Happiness. (pe modelul Bhutan-ului) E mai profitabil.
Session 3: Building a strong brand
Does Brand add value? You bet it does!
Everything can be branded: Sam Hill, How to brand Sand (“It is possible to brand sand, wheat, beef, bricks, metals, concrete, chemicals, corn, bananas, grits, apples, aspirin…”)
charge more if you save the customer’s time and create more satisfaction

Choosing a brand name: memorable, meaningful, likeable, protectable, …. (poza)
Bag de seama ca oamenii din sala nu prea au citit carti de marketing, fiindca cele mai mari rumori au fost la numele de branding traduse -> si erau exemple cunoscute, de manual

New concept : 4Es – Experience, Exchange, Everyplace, Evangelism –  completes the 4Ps concept
+ The 4A’s:  Awareness, Acceptability, Availability, Affordability

Why go after people?
Peter Drucker: „The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary”
How can a brand itself become a media channel for its customers and partners? -> blogging, for instance
Every story you tell is a promise of delivery.”

Can management & marketing training block innovation through the outlined patterns?
„I would put my money on the education” zise Kotler cu referire la antreprenorii fara studii universitare.

Kotler nu da nicio sansa ziarelor tiparite in fata publicului tanar. Mobile is the answer
In 2005 you’ve said Romania should follow Ireland as an economic model. What do you think now, 7 years later, and why?
Irlanda este inca singura tara cu un ministru de marketing.

We have to demarket over-fishing, over-foresting
Does a product such as Coca Cola still need marketing? Why?
Of course it does. To stay fresh, to remain in the attention of the public. (presence, freshness)

The Global corporate brand book:

  • The brand has energized differenciation
  • Relevance
  • Esteem
  • There is knowledge about

Recomandare: Hermann Simon (no2 consultant of the german firms) – Hidden champions


Types of Brand Names
Develop a memorable brand mantra, slogan and logo
A brand must be more than a name, slogan and logo

Model from Millward Brown and WPP
Tools for building brands
Strong brands supply use value as well as purchase value
Narrative branding
The 3i’s of branding: integrity, image, identity

B2B branding companies (his B2B Brand Management book)
Leading ingredient brands
B2B is more sales orientated rather than marketing oriented
Cea mai mare parte a marketingului e B2B, nu B2C. Vorbim mai mult de B2C pentru ca e mai vizibil.
The brand Bubble book

The universe of brand Performance

I: What makes a strong brand? R: Product benefits x distinct identity x emotional values (peter doyle, ’97)

Creating genuine customer value: progressive insurance

Build a brand community
Measure your brand effectiveness
Session 4: Innovating
„Most innovations fail. Companies that don’t innovate, die.” (Henry Chesbrough)
A business has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results.

Types of innovation
A balanced New Product portfolio
Innovation and your company

ABCDEF model if innovation:
Roles in a company’s innovation process: activators, browsers, creators, developers, executors, financiers (Winning at innovation, 2011, Kotler & Fernando Trias de Bes)
We hope to have some activators
Browsers – lightly researchers

There’s a lot of beautiful literature on how to become more creative (apropo de antrenamentele mele de la Creative Fitness Studio)

Don’t take half of your budget and turn it into Social Media; anyway, give it to a young person that has grown with Social Media
Always hire a nerd.

The Professionalization of

To win at marketing:
1. Take advantage of turbulence. (A crisis is a teribble thing to waste)
2. Go to where the growth is.
3. Engage marketing to drive your future.
4. Intensify your online and social media activity.
5. Invite your customers and stakeholders to build your brand and co-create your future. (crowdsourcing – sourcing from the crowd)
6. Invest in innovation.
7. Develop the social responsibility side of your business.

“Within 5 years. If you’re in the same business you are in now, you’re going to be out of business.”

Cam asta ar fi, schematic, rezumatul zilei de azi. Dacă aţi ajuns până aici, vă doresc un weekend excelent. Eu plec spre FITS, aşa că o să revin cu poveşti despre teatru şi Sibiu!